Sessions & Pricing

Pilates private Sessions

Transform with personalized Pilates sessions led by experts. Focus on specific areas for quick, safe progress. Get individual guidance to elevate your fitness journey, achieving strength and flexibility goals efficiently. Work one-on-one for personalized attention, ensuring confidence and precision in reaching your objectives.

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Pilates Group Sessions

Transform your life with Pilates. Join our open-level Mat and Reformer classes for enhanced breath control, muscle tone, and body alignment. Led by supportive instructors, experience a fundamental Pilates journey in a comfortable environment. Perfect for enthusiasts and instructors alike, our classes offer enriching experiences for all levels.

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Adult Gentle Gymnastics

Join our "Gentle Gymnastics" program for a fun journey of discovery. Led by experienced coaches, our small classes provide supportive guidance as you explore rolls, backbends, handstands, and more at your own pace. Suitable for all levels, our personalized approach ensures swift and safe progress toward your goals. Receive expert coaching from elite-level instructors tailored to your needs.

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Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility Class

Experience personalized Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility classes designed to address your needs. Safely alleviate joint restrictions and boost range of motion with techniques like Isometric & PNF stretching. Learn to optimize flexibility and function without risking injury. Leave feeling empowered and elongated after each session. Join us for a newfound sense of movement freedom!

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Lifespan Packages & Memberships

Pilates Mat

5 Classes Pilates Mat

10 +1  Pilates Mat Classes

Group Gymnastics

10+1 Gymnastic Group Classes

  • 4 group classes (stretch, mat, reformer)
  •  1 private pilates session with an instructor
  • 3 Private Pilates Classes (W/New instructors only)


(limited time offer for new clients only)


  • 4 group classes (stretch, mat, reformer)
  • 2 privates
  • 1 massage

4-2-1 Membership





Group Stretch Classes

Stretch, Flexibility, Mobility


Pilates Private Packages

10 Pilates Privates
(Level II & III instructors not included)


5 Classes Pilates Privates 
(Level II & III instructors not included)



Group Reformer Classes

Reformer Class



Pilates Private Session

Starting at 

Pilates, anywhere and anytime.

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