LifeSpan Pilates Studio

Co-Owners' Commitment

"To strengthening and preserving the Pilates Community from the source".

-Cynthia Shipley

Cynthia Shipley and Tasha Norman Jacobs, co-owners of LifeSpan Pilates, are experienced and sought after Pilates and fitness experts and have over 40 years of teaching expertise between them.

Cynthia and Tasha have partnered to open a full-service Pilates studio/learning center offering private and group Pilates sessions, Gymnastics classes for Adults and Stretch, Flexibility & Mobility classes.

We seized the opportunity to bring together a space for clients, apprentice’s and teachers in the tri-state area, and we are thrilled to be doing so in New York. We want to tighten the Romana community and preserve the lineage that she provided us through her instruction. LifeSpan Pilates’ goal is to be an international hub for all to study and become certified and we are thrilled to be uniting the NYC community through this amazing new studio.

Excellent. Without The BS - Tasha Norman

Every instructor and client at LifeSpan Pilates is committed to excellence. We have the best trained Pilates instructors in the world working at and visiting our studio and it’s super awesome. Our studio vibe is comfortable and welcoming.

Our gymnastics instructors are coaches, and many of our pilates clients take Gymnastics and Stretch classes because they know they are in the hands of experts who care. We change bodies and change lives so it’s a big deal to ensure that everything we teach is effective. We take our responsibility very seriously.

The Romana's Pilates Training

Lifespan Pilates is proud to be the only Romana’s Pilates Training and Certification Center in New York City! As a Training Center, we do have apprentices in the studio discreetly observing during some client sessions.

The Apprentices are non-intrusive and very respectful while clients are working. If you have any concerns, please speak with your instructor before your session. We are happy to accommodate you and want each client to feel comfortable and confident in the training that they receive at LifeSpan Pilates.

Our goal as a Romana’s Pilates Training Center is to provide superior Pilates training as it was originally passed down by Joseph Pilates, and to ensure that the life transforming benefits of Pilates is available for generations to come.